Illinois Traffic Violations Will Transfer Points to Your Missouri Driver’s License

Illinois Traffic Violations will Transfer Points to Your Missouri Driver’s License

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At some point during your interstate travels you may have received a speeding ticket in Illinois and wondered whether it mattered if you just plead guilty and paid the fine. If you ever ended up doing this, you probably realized the hard way that the violation will end up on your Missouri driver’s record. In fact, for all practical purposes, it’s almost as if the violation occurred in Missouri rather than Illinois. Have you ever wondered how this works? Here’s a quick explanation:

One by one, starting in the 1960s, each state began to join a cumulative information exchange which became known as the Driver’s License Compact (DLC). Basically, every state that joined agreed to share an out-of-state violation with that offender’s home state. So if you received a speeding ticket in another state, the infraction would be reported to your home state- along with the corresponding penalty. The overall idea being that one driver should have only one driving record.

Both Illinois and Missouri belong to the DLC. So it does not matter that Illinois and Missouri have different types of point systems that are applied to your driving license. A speeding ticket in Illinois, which was received by a Missouri resident, will result in 2-3 points being assessed against that person’s Missouri driver’s license- just as if the speeding ticket was received in Missouri.

Currently there are only five states that do not belong to the Driver’s License Compact: Massachusetts, Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Even though these states do not belong to the Driver’s License Compact it is still prudent not to ignore a traffic violation received there because these states may have alternative methods for sharing information. For example, there is also another compact known as the Non-Resident Violator Compact (NRVC) which requires participating states to suspend the driver’s license of non-residents who have received a moving violation in another state.

So remember that Illinois and Missouri traffic points transfer!

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